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"Feel REAL in the ‘VIRTUAL’ world with us". Power of "N" Machines in "1" is the current industry saga which is powered by Virtualisation. It addresses:

  • Increasing Server and Desktop sprawls.
  • Underutilized hardware.
  • Lack of Disaster recovery for core and business critical servers and applications.
This slashes the majority of hardware acquisition and maintenance costs that can result in significant savings for any company or organization.

We, @Ceries, focus at Simplifying your IT Infrastructure and maximizing Productivity that contribute to shorten the growing conflict between IT costs and end user flexibility. We make complex things work as simple as possible. We follow a proven strategic methodology to implement VMware virtual infrastructure into production IT environments

Approach @Ceries:


We believe the most important phase of Virtualization is to identify the problem areas that significantly contribute to Infrastructure cost, audit them and develop the business case to clearly demonstrate the cost benefits available through adopting a VMware virtual infrastructure. Our main focus is to:

  • Load analysis of existing physical WinTel servers using Insite load analysis software & VMware Capacity Planner.
  • VMware virtualisation assessment based on results from core processes, load analysis and applications in use
  • Preliminary VMware infrastructure sizing assessment & design using preferred hardware vendor
  • Development of business case based on server strategy and annual server procurement
  • We conduct the audit in the peak business hours where the maximum load is shed into the servers to generate accurate usage profile. Our Implementation comprises of:
  • Definition and documentation of success criteria
  • Configuration of a VMware ESX Virtual Infrastructure test & validation facility including Virtual Center
  • Performance benchmarking of existing physical servers and virtual machines.
  • Virtualisation of a cross section of existing servers using P to V (Physical to Virtual) software
  • Sizing metrics for production VMware Virtual Infrastructure
  • Documentation of installation & virtualisation procedures that effects skills transfer.
  • Our Process helps you to achieve these Goals:
  • Reduced, but Powerful Servers to maintain current infrastructure by significantly down sizing power, cooling & maintenance costs.
  • Reduced administration and management overheads of the server infrastructure.
  • Implementation of Virtualization with less turn around time.
  • Significantly reducing the complexity of application & OS management for desktop virtualisation.
  • Leverage Server virtualization technologies such as hot backups, high availability, live migrations and many more.